Business services

Business services2016-11-30T08:29:22+01:00

Our wide-ranging knowledge and skills can be useful if you wish to set up or run a company.

We will help you select the ideal company type in view of the business’s assets, its tax situation and any eventual transfer of ownership.

We then assist you with all administrative issues, including accounting, choosing the right software, setting up a salary management system, and selecting insurance coverage. By relying on our expertise in these areas, you can focus on running your company.

Throughout the life of your company, we can work with you to periodically analyse your company’s administrative and accounting systems, pension plan arrangements and tax situation in an effort to identify potential improvements and then implement them.

Finally, if you wish to move or simply retire, we provide expert assistance in transferring ownership or liquidating the company. Our focus is on ensuring the most favourable outcome for you, particularly from a financial and tax perspective.