Accounting services

Accounting services2016-11-30T08:25:14+01:00

We offer a full range of accounting and administrative services for businesses (corporations, foundations, partnerships and self-employed individuals) as well as for private individuals. Our involvement can be periodic – from daily to annual – or you can simply contact us when you need us. Our goal is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge when you need them most. We also recognise the importance of respecting deadlines without sacrificing quality.

We have the necessary experience to provide services in the following areas as well:

  • Payroll and employee benefits
  • VAT returns
  • General administration

We prepare financial reports in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. We can also adapt reports to Swiss GAAP FER standards or expand them to include other financial information as necessary.

We encourage an initial consultation in order to define your needs and determine the right solution while optimising the time investment by both sides. If necessary, we can analyse your tax situation during the initial consultation.